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It is the page for requests for bureaucratship on the Tigrinya Wikipedia. Everyone can add his request here. The voting lasts 10 days.The user becomes an bureaucrat if he has more support than opposes. In perspective these rules will be hardened.

Bureaucrats[ኮድ የዐርይ]

Yonasb[ኮድ የዐርይ]

  • editcount: 3 (15,0%)
  • candidate's words:

A Tigrinya Wikipedian.

  • voting starts at: 12:32 23.04.2007 UTC
  • voting closes at: 12:32 03.05.2007 UTC

Support[ኮድ የዐርይ]

Oppose[ኮድ የዐርይ]

Result[ኮድ የዐርይ]